Tenant Rep - What You Need to Know

How Commercial Leasing Transactions Work

The landlord hires a broker most often called a listing broker. For clarification purposes let's call him the landlord rep.

The landlord rep markets the property on behalf of the landlord seeking good tenants.

She shows the property.

She handles lease negotiations.


Negotiating and Signing an Office Lease

Now we come to the final step in leasing an office: negotiating and signing a lease.

I used to be surprised at how casually even smart business men regard their lease. Many never bother to read it. Some can't even find it. 


How to Search for and Find Office Space

Tips and tricks for finding new office space for lease.


How To Rent Office Space in Tampa Bay (or anywhere else)

Part 1 - Planning and Preparation

Renting office space is going to take some time. Six to nine months depending on the size of your office and the complexities of your particular needs.


Live. ____. Play

Where Am I Supposed to Work in Downtown St. Pete?

By George Meyer

While local developers congratulate themselves about the explosion of new residents morphing downtown St. Petersburg into a millennial/hipster haven, they may overlook an intriguing question:

Where do all those hipsters want to work?

The short answer is: they want to work in that same downtown.


Where to Put this Stuff

Industrial Warehouse Space Scarce in Pinellas County

Client Testimonials

From first meeting Peter, and throughout the office suite search process to the negotiations and execution of my office lease, Peter provided excellent communication and professional service. He took the time to really understand my office space needs and was very resourceful in providing timely, valuable information and sage advice. He helped make the whole process a pleasant and friendly one.

I appreciate everything Peter did for me and I highly recommend him to anyone searching for commercial real estate consultations and services.

Jerry Albrecht
Attorney at Law

We have known and done business with Peter for some 15 years and he has acted for our group of companies in several office, commercial and industrial leases.

He is a seasoned professional, great to work with, always on on top of whats going on in the market and acting not only as a broker but ongoing advisor.

He is a great negotiator and I always feel like we got the best deal possible when we close.

Finally he is a nice guy and like ourselves I'm sure has developed hundreds of other great relationships and friendships in the business.

Carl Dilley
Island Capital Management, LLC.

I have known Peter Fischbach for approximateloy 20 years both as a friend and professionally.

I have found his knowledge of Real Estate, marketing and business sense extraordinary.

He has a great knowledge of Architecture and recycling of old buildings for new uses.

I would recommend him for any professional Real Estate consultaions and related services.

Peter Goldhammer, Architect
Florida #0006567

I have known and worked with Peter for many years, and would not hesitate to recommend him for any real estate service.

Peter is very knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial real estate, but is particularly adept at negotiating leases and contracts.

Linwood Gilbert, MAI

President at Urban Realty Solutions

If you are looking to lease a commercial or business space Peter Fischbach is your man. We've worked with him for years and could not be more pleased. 

He is friendly, extremely well-versed in all of the services he offers, and has an unparalleled understanding of real estate in general and the idiosyncrasies of the local Tampa Bay market. 

The landlord might not be happy with the rent, amenities, and contract terms he will negotiate for you, but you and your company will.

Jake Braun
Marco Polo
Lead Developer