Lease Terms for Tenants - A Glossary

Below are terms often found in a commercial lease. I've given a quick and I hope understandable explanation of each.

The intent is to make my tenant clients aware of what is in the lease.

Then we have a base of understanding from which we might negotiate on your behalf.

As someone smarter than I once said, "If you read the fine print you get an education.
If you don’t read the fine print you get an experience."

This is not meant in anyway to be legal advice so don't take it as such.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Peter Fischbach

Offices for Lease or Purchase in St. Pete That We Can Recommend

Advent Medical Center
4820 Park Boulevard, Pinellas Park, FL
Great location for a minor emergency center. Little competition.
Priatek Building Priatek Building/Bank of Tampa Building
200 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
Great location. Serious building.
Sun Trust Office Building
300 First Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
Much better-than-usual interior improvements. Well maintained by owner-occupant
First Central Tower
360 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
Deal-aggressive landlord. Very secure building.
Urban Edge Development - Office for Lease
SWC of 4th Ave S and 3rd St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
I have not seen these spaces. Small offices are difficult to find.
City Center
100 Second Avenue South, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
This is a prime downtown St. Petersburg location. It's within walking distance to many restaurants, bars and coffee houses. Many offices have waterfront views. I have intimate knowledge of this building.
Morgan Stanley Tower
150 Second Avenue North, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
New and rent-rate aggressive ownership, Excellent property.
Chamber of Commerce Building
100 2nd Ave. N., Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
Charming. Killer downtown location. Condominium ownership of individual spaces.
Wittner Center East
6514 Central Avenue Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710
Excellent mid-town location. Easy for visitors to find.