Charlie Stallone

Charlie attended the University of South Florida where he graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics. 
In 2006, he began investing in local real estate. During the last ten years he has gained significant experience and insight by evaluating real estate, identifying trends, researching property history, and learning the importance of due diligence.
In 2008, Charlie co-founded Southern Skies Investments, Inc. He became a major factor in building a multi-million-dollar real estate investment company from the ground up, specializing in rental properties with high cap rates. 
As a successful real estate investor and property manager, Charlie has nearly 10 years of experience in cost analysis, risk assessment, and budget planning and implementation. He has become highly skilled in analyzing market conditions, performing extensive property searches and preparing and negotiating leases.
In 2016, Charlie earned his real estate license and began working as an associate for Fischbach Commercial.
His background and experience in growing a successful investment business, together with his knowledge of economics, will assist tenants, buyers, and owners in making successful and efficient real estate and business decisions.